Disrupting Colonial Narratives in the Curriculum

Masta, S. (2016). Disrupting colonial narratives in the curriculum. Multicultural Perspectives, 18(4), 185-191.

Within the field of critical education studies scholars argue that social studies curriculum should address colonialism (Brayboy, 2006; Castagno & Brayboy, 2007; Tuck & Gatzambide-Fernandez, 2013). This article presents a single case study of an eighth-grade social studies teacher, and how vestiges of colonialism were evident in his classroom. While class lessons and discussions offered opportunities to engage and challenge colonialism, the teacher opted to either normalize colonialism or erase its influence. Treating colonialism as normal or non-existent in the curriculum does not acknowledge how endemic colonialism is within society, and perpetuates an ideology that continues to marginalize the colonized and their contributions to society.


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