Why I’m Not Meeting People Where They’re At Anymore

Last week I gave two separate talks on similar topics. At the University of Michigan, a colleague and I presented the following, Examining the Hard Truths of Whiteness and Maleness in Engineering Education. Two days later, I spoke with faculty at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga at a talk I titled No, We Don’t Live inContinue reading “Why I’m Not Meeting People Where They’re At Anymore”

Early Reflections on Fall Teaching

I’m on a 2/2 load (for non-academics, this means I teach two courses each semester). During the fall, one of my courses is always online so there is no change here. However, I’m also teaching my advanced qualitative methods course and thinking through how to design the course for multiple modalities occupied a better partContinue reading “Early Reflections on Fall Teaching”

Why I’m Participating in #ScholarStrike

Although I’m not a tenured professor, I am participating in the Scholar Strike for Racial Justice, a mass action of higher education professionals protesting racist policing, state violence against communities of color, mass incarceration and other manifestations of racism. Scholar Strike is meant to disrupt the everyday routines of academia and show solidarity for otherContinue reading “Why I’m Participating in #ScholarStrike”