The Penultimate Week of the Semester

We made it to week 15! The second-to-last week of the semester. Any expectations I had for this term went out the window in August but I’m happy to say that I think everyone did the best they could. I moved one of my classes from in-person to remote, because it made sense for theContinue reading “The Penultimate Week of the Semester”

Stop Celebrating Thanksgiving

Over the years I’ve noticed an attempt to rehabilitate Thanksgiving. Some folks change the name, some people make clear that “it’s not about genocide, it’s about food!,” others share that they use the day to reflect on Indigenous peoples in the United States. All of this is problematic. My own relationship with Thanksgiving is complicated–IContinue reading “Stop Celebrating Thanksgiving”

Believing in the Great American Experiment

A few years ago I conducted a study with Indigenous students about their experiences in college. One of the questions I asked the students was who they thought higher education benefited. I initially assumed that Indigenous students would think that this was white people, given that the system of higher education was designed for whiteContinue reading “Believing in the Great American Experiment”