So Long, 2020!

I’ve only worked for colleges and universities in my adult life, so I am very attached to the academic calendar and how the ebbs and flows of the semester signpost the timing of my life. The actual year might have 16 days left (what?!) but after I submit grades in a few hours, my year is done. I’ll turn on my out-of-office, return all my library books, submit any final forms, and retreat to the stack of books awaiting me.

I thought this semester I’d write more about my research, but it turns out I needed more reflection! I appreciate you reading along as I worked through my thoughts on oppression and marginalization in academia, and especially for reading along when I wrote about hope. I’m looking forward to the future, even though I know the future will have challenges.

There were many great things that happened professionally — I connected with some amazing scholars through invited talks, I worked on some important grant projects, and I wrote more than I thought. Not as much as I wanted, but more than I thought. I might’ve spent the week of the election huddled under the covers of my bed, but I had planned ahead and cancelled class and meetings for that week. Thinking ahead in August for the win!

I’m taking the next four weeks off, so expect a post in mid-January. I plan to write about current research projects, some ideas I have in-progress, and whatever other things happen in the larger world that I want to bring into this world.

Speaking of….doctorates are earned, come with a title, and anyone with a title is free to use it however they want. And let me just say if you are a man, and you call me kiddo, you are going to wear whatever beverage I have in my hand.

See you in the new year!

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