Why I’m Participating in #ScholarStrike

Although I’m not a tenured professor, I am participating in the Scholar Strike for Racial Justice, a mass action of higher education professionals protesting racist policing, state violence against communities of color, mass incarceration and other manifestations of racism. Scholar Strike is meant to disrupt the everyday routines of academia and show solidarity for otherContinue reading “Why I’m Participating in #ScholarStrike”

My Letter to the Board of Trustees

This is a letter I sent to Purdue’s Board of Trustees this morning regarding the formation of a task force to address racial equity on campus. My name is Stephanie Masta and I’m an assistant professor in the College of Education, with courtesy appointments in the College of Liberal Arts and the School of EngineeringContinue reading “My Letter to the Board of Trustees”

Seeking Manuscript Reviewers

I’m guest editing an issue of the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education featuring manuscripts authored by graduate students using critical/Indigenous methodologies. if you’re willing to review, please provide your information here. For many students, this is their first solo-authored paper, and the first time they’ve explored this part of their scholar identity. Reviewers should beContinue reading “Seeking Manuscript Reviewers”

The Diversity, Inclusion, Equity Paradox

First, I know that it’s typically referred to as “diverity, equity, and inclusion” because DEI sounds better than DIE. but honestly, DIE is how I feel when campus conversations arise on this particular topic 🙂 Below is an except from a keynote I gave in February. I want to say something about the status ofContinue reading “The Diversity, Inclusion, Equity Paradox”

Challenging Settler Colonial Ideology in Educational Spaces

Masta, S. (2018). Challenging settler colonial ideology in educational spaces. Berkeley Review of Education, 8(2), 179-194. This article analyzes, evaluates, and problematizes the structure of settler colonialism and demonstrates how it is a process that remains entrenched in the U.S. educational system. I build on previous work done on settler colonial ideology by linking structuralContinue reading “Challenging Settler Colonial Ideology in Educational Spaces”

“I’m Exhausted”: Everyday Occurrences of Being Native American

Masta, S. (2018). “I’m exhausted”: Everyday occurrences of being Native American. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 31(9), 821-835. In this study, I used small stories narrative and Indigenous methodology to understand the everyday occurrences of Native American students and to highlight the complex relationship between their identity, their sense of belonging in graduateContinue reading ““I’m Exhausted”: Everyday Occurrences of Being Native American”

What the Grandfathers Taught Me: Lessons for an Indian Country Researcher

Masta, S. (2018). What the grandfathers taught me: Lessons for an Indian Country research. The Qualitative Report, 23(4), 841-852. Native scholars face several challenges when they enter research spaces. These challenges include difficulty in engaging with the broader research community because of the social and educational urgency of tribal-focused research, discouragement from using Indigenous methodologiesContinue reading “What the Grandfathers Taught Me: Lessons for an Indian Country Researcher”

Navigating Dual Landscapes: Being Brown and Black in Academic Spaces

{From a keynote I delivered at the Minority Engineering Program Graduate Student Success Symposium at Purdue University} Good morning! I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to talk to you today. I was asked to touch upon three topics—defining personal and professional success, belonging to this institution, and what it means to navigate a predominatelyContinue reading “Navigating Dual Landscapes: Being Brown and Black in Academic Spaces”