Seeking Manuscript Reviewers

I’m guest editing an issue of the¬†International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education¬†featuring manuscripts authored by graduate students using critical/Indigenous methodologies. if you’re willing to review, please provide your information here. For many students, this is their first solo-authored paper, and the first time they’ve explored this part of their scholar identity. Reviewers should beContinue reading “Seeking Manuscript Reviewers”

What the Grandfathers Taught Me: Lessons for an Indian Country Researcher

Masta, S. (2018). What the grandfathers taught me: Lessons for an Indian Country research. The Qualitative Report, 23(4), 841-852. Native scholars face several challenges when they enter research spaces. These challenges include difficulty in engaging with the broader research community because of the social and educational urgency of tribal-focused research, discouragement from using Indigenous methodologiesContinue reading “What the Grandfathers Taught Me: Lessons for an Indian Country Researcher”