The Diversity, Inclusion, Equity Paradox

First, I know that it’s typically referred to as “diverity, equity, and inclusion” because DEI sounds better than DIE. but honestly, DIE is how I feel when campus conversations arise on this particular topic 🙂 Below is an except from a keynote I gave in February. I want to say something about the status ofContinue reading “The Diversity, Inclusion, Equity Paradox”

Navigating Dual Landscapes: Being Brown and Black in Academic Spaces

{From a keynote I delivered at the Minority Engineering Program Graduate Student Success Symposium at Purdue University} Good morning! I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to talk to you today. I was asked to touch upon three topics—defining personal and professional success, belonging to this institution, and what it means to navigate a predominatelyContinue reading “Navigating Dual Landscapes: Being Brown and Black in Academic Spaces”