Challenging Settler Colonial Ideology in Educational Spaces

Masta, S. (2018). Challenging settler colonial ideology in educational spaces. Berkeley Review of Education, 8(2), 179-194.

This article analyzes, evaluates, and problematizes the structure of settler colonialism and demonstrates how it is a process that remains entrenched in the U.S. educational system. I build on previous work done on settler colonial ideology by linking structural forms of settler colonial power to the lived experiences of Indigenous students, using their voices to describe how pervasive and harmful settler colonial ideology is in practice. From their descriptions of the replication of colonial ideology within policies and practices in higher education, the participants create a compelling image of the ongoing dominant influence of settler colonial power in their lives. Challenging settler colonial ideology is not just about providing a more accurate historical record of what occurred in the U.S. Rather, challenging settler colonial ideology reaffirms the value and importance of Indigenous people in the U.S.

Keywords: settler colonialism, Indigenous education

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